Would You Like To Reprogram Your Mind For Success?
I want to PERSONALLY share the tool I used to reprogram my thinking and mindset with you so that you too can be free from self-sabotaging and self-critics disempowering you from maximizing your full potentials.
27 High-Powered Affirmation Cards to break the Feedback Loop of Negative Self-Fulfilling Prophecies!

Let Me Ask You...

  • Do you feel defeated in your thought process over and over again?
  • Have you been given in to self-critics that disempowers you from moving forward?
  • Has your mindset been pulling you back from achieving more?
  • ​Do you battle with negative internal conversation that will not  allow you to do exploit?
  • ​Have you been holding yourself back because of self-limitations?
I have been there. I have had to deal with thoughts, negativity mindset and feelings that are rooted in my subconscious mind. Now I'm completely free from self-sabotaging mindset that will not allow me to be the best wife, mum and mentor. 

How did I get through this process?


I have put together 27 High-Powered Affirmations that has helped me to reprogram my  mindset, beliefs and thinking which has greatly empowered my personality as a wife, mum and most especially become a blessing to others.

The Goal of This Affirmation Cards:

  • Is to silence the self-critic holding you ransom from becoming 'THE BEST YOU'.
  • To help you overcome self-sabotaging thought habit.
  • ​To detoxify a contaminated mindset.
  • ​To change your internal conversation positively.
  • ​To reprograming your subconscious mind  for high productivity .
  • ​To encourage and uplift your spirit man.
  • ​To inspire and assert who you believe yourself to be.
Take A Sneak Peek Into The...
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Don't Just Take Our Word For It...
See What Others Have Said About Their Experience!
I have married 7 years now, I wish I had this in my early years, but I believe it's never too late to learn new things and better ways to deal with conflict and other issues in Marriages. Someone shared something from your page a few days ago and I found it useful, and that's why I am following...

Many thanks for the work you are doing. A lot of times, it only takes a few words to stir humans on the right course.

- B.U.N.N.Y
Tomi is straight forward; she doesn’t mince words when correcting or spitting facts. Tomi has such a warm personality; even her mails feel like you know her personally lol.

Tomi is very supportive. Mail after mail and live video after live video, it’s all about encouragement to the next woman like a sister should. The real embodiment of women supporting women is Tomi.

- Eva, Canada.
Tomi is an amazing lady and I greatly appreciate her for the work that she's doing; she is giving young wives a platform to be heard, to gracefully take charge of their lives, homes and also helping them build lasting and impactful marriages.
God bless her.

- Charity, Malawi
I love that Tomi has a heart for marriages. I love how she leads the team. I love how she shares from her life experience!

- Chidudem, UK.
I’m married, been married for 5 years and some months…and I’ve been part of One Young Wife since just after I got married. Your teachings really are enlightening.

- Ugo
Meet Tomi A.
Founder, One Young Wife
Tomi A. is the proud founder and servant leader behind One Young Wife™, a global community of young wives. 

The community provides young wives with resources specifically designed to empower them to find strength, confidence, respect, and peace so that they can become emotionally, sexually, and spiritually confident in the initial stages of marriage.

A creative force who is passionate about designing processes and systems to make life easier, Tomi understands the power of community and effective teamwork.

Tomi is a Registered Nurse with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and a master's degree in Public Health. She lives in Texas, US with her husband and two sons.

If you have have a desire to breakthrough in your marriage and enjoy blissful relationship, this is the time to step into atmosphere of peace, serenity, friendship, fun and loving marital bliss you've been dreaming about.

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